Detective Conan: 001 episode (English Sub) Roller Coaster Murder Case


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Detective Conan: 001 episode (English Subbed) Roller Coaster Murder Case

Please bookmark our website! We publish detective Conan anime episodes the same our they become translated in English. Our website was built with one goal – to collect all translated episodes of detective Conan series in one place. We hope will become your true companion for a long time. “Case Closed” is another name for this anime series. It became almost the same famous as a long-lasting manga about detective Conan journeys. Intricate plot, humor, memorable character – for that and many other reasons we love detective Conan so much. If you tiered of watching new subbed episodes of detective Conan series in different websites, do not be warry. As soon as they become available we publish all English subbed episodes of Case Closed anime in one place!

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